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Three Key Benefits of Portable Air Conditioners In Commercial Settings

30 April 2020 Bookmark and Share

American Spot Cooling - Portable Air Conditioner Rentals - Houston, TX

There are a number of instances where it is operationally preferable to use portable air conditioners as both an alternate or an augmenting force for your business’ central HVAC systems. Portable air conditioners are more versatile and energy-efficient than ever before. This often makes them the smart solution over upgrading or replacing central HVAC systems.

The following are three key benefits of using a portable air conditioner:

Supplemental Cooling

Sometimes the Central AC system is not sufficient enough to provide even cooling to your building. It's possible that there are areas where it can't entirely reach and cover. Portable air conditioners are a perfect supplemental cooling alternative for it can be rolled near the hot spots and directly cool the area. Moreover, it's ideal when you only need to cool one specific room or a room that is rarely used. You can save more energy when you are able to cool that particular area only instead of cooling the entire building.


Portable air conditioners have a dehumidification feature. A portable air conditioner with dehumidifier has the ability to control humidity without the need to cool the area. By reducing the humidity, the area will feel a lot more cooler. It's an ideal equipment to solve moisture problems in very humid locations. Increased humidity can make the weather feel a lot hotter since moisture-filled air prevents the skin from effectively flushing out sweat. In an environment with high humidity, it's difficult to naturally cool off because you won't sweat, and dry air won't evaporate. Rather, excess moisture builds up on your skin leaving you feeling sticky and uncomfortable. For this reason, it's important to keep the working environment cooler and keep humidity levels to a minimum to make these areas comfortable for performing work.

Appearance and Environmental Deterioration

Portable air conditioners can be removed and stored when they are not in use. This positively contributes to the overall ergonomic effect of your site, but more importantly, they can be stored outside of the caustic effects of sun, salt (in coastal and/or tidal areas), and airborne dirt.

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