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Rental Cooling For Plants and Factories in Baton Rouge, LA

4 April 2018 Bookmark and Share

American Spot Cooling rent portable air conditioners in Baton Rouge, LA

As summer arrives, heat waves can wreak havoc with manufacturing processes while also causing miserable conditions for workers. Baton Rouge plant managers need the support of rental air conditioning companies that will  rapidly respond to any sudden plant cooling requirement in the Baton Rouge area. 

Though plants with no air conditioning are particularly vulnerable, even climate-controlled facilities are subject to problems if an overworked HVAC system should fail, or if supplemental cooling is needed to deal with excessive heat. Portable air conditioner rentals in Baton Rouge provide fast and effective solutions, and not just for hot weather emergencies. The applications for industrial plants are virtually unlimited but can be roughly divided into three categories:

  • Improving manufacturing speed and/or quality through focused cooling of products or processes
  • Protecting the health and safety of production personnel
  • Delivering cooling to non-manufacturing areas such as server rooms, equipment rooms, offices, and conference rooms. 
  • An investigation of each of these three areas gives an overview of the different types of portable coolers to choose from and how to size and select this equipment properly.

Sometimes the role of portable air conditioning is not to cool a process but rather to protect equipment, raw materials, or finished products from heat damage. For example, laser-cutting machines often depend on heat-sensitive electronics to control the process. If electronic controls overheat, they can malfunction and cause the machine to shut down, resulting in costly downtime. Similarly, printing presses are subject to jamming in hot and humid environments. By reducing humidity as well as temperature levels, portable cooling is an effective solution.

In the packaging industry, the shrink sleeves used to wrap a variety of food and beverage products come in enormous rolls of plastic sheeting. A packaging converter in hot and humid conditions in non-air conditioned storage rooms can cause the sheeting to deteriorate and result in costly loss of material and production slowdowns. Portable rental coolers will keep the areas cool during summer months to avoid such problems.  Warehouses that store finished products that are subject to melting (such as chocolates) are also common locations for portable cooling.

As it pertains to serving employees, in addition to the obvious comfort factor, portable cooling directly impacts safety by reducing heat-related fatigue, illness, and accidents. It can also improve productivity and morale. Portable units can be moved around to different locations and easily installed to deliver spot cooling to the most demanding production areas. 

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