Chiller Rental

Portable chillers provide your company with the HVAC it needs to keep your employees, machinery, and products at the right temperature. At Mobile Air, our portable chiller rentals are available for fast delivery and setup; allowing your cooling situations to be resolved quickly and effectively.

Our chiller rentals provide your business with high quality, versatile units that can provide you with a cooling solution during an emergency power outage, regularly scheduled maintenance, or seasonal air conditioning. With a wide variety of sizes and capacities available we can provide your business with the right chiller for your application.

Chillers can be used both inside and outside to provide you with air conditioning when and where you need. At Mobile Air we understand the importance of keeping your company operating at its peak performance and to do that you need to keep your products, merchandise, and people comfortable.

Our chillers utilize either water or air and can meet your demands. Call or contact us today to see how our chiller rental can help your business stay cool.