Chiller Rentals

Chiller Rentals
Portable chillers provide your company with the HVAC it needs to keep your employees, machinery, and products at the right temperature. At Mobile Air, our portable chiller rentals are available for fast delivery and setup, allowing your cooling situations to be resolved quickly and effectively.

Our chiller rentals supply your business with high quality, versatile units that provide you with a cooling solution during an emergency power outage, regularly scheduled maintenance, or seasonal air conditioning. With a wide variety of sizes and capacities available, we provide your business with the right chiller for your application.

Air-Cooled Chiller Water-Cooled Chillers Cooling Towers Air-Handlers
  • 10 – 527 tons
  • Skid Mount (Up to 267 tons) & Trailer Mounted (300 tons and up)
  • Integral Pumps built in
  • Single point power connection
  • 200 – 1000 tons
  • Containerized
  • Single point power connection
  • 125 – 1000 tons
  • Open & Closed Loop Towers
  • Skid & Trailer Mounted Stainless Steel Basins
  • 6,000 – 27,500 cfm
  • Low – Temp Air Handlers
  • VFD’s & Filter Racks
  • Cold & Hot Water Coils w/ Electric Heat Strips

    Chiller Rental Services:

    Chillers can be used both inside and outside to provide you with air conditioning when and where you need. At Mobile Air, we understand the importance of keeping your company operating at its peak performance and to do that you need to keep your products, merchandise, and people comfortable. Our chiller rentals ensure that all of these needs are met in an efficient manner.

    Our chillers utilize either water or air and will meet your demands. Call or contact us today to see how our chiller rental can help your business stay cool.

    Air-cooled chillers are excellent for industrial processing and air conditioning applications. Mobile Air's air-cooled chillers offer cooling capacity of 527 tons or more, high portability, and our trademark reliability.
    Air handlers are essential for circulating hot or cold air to the desired location. We offer a wide range of air handlers to meet any HVAC need, regardless of the setting or application.
    Water-cooled chiller rentals are a highly-efficient solution for temporary cooling. Mobile Air offers a wide variety of water-cooled chillers, including those capable of 1,000 tons or more of cooling capacity.
    Our cooling towers remove all the heat generated by chillers or other cooling water systems. Mobile Air rents open/closed loop, skid/trailer mounted, and stainless steel basin cooling towers, and more.
    Our chiller and cooling tower accessories offer everything you need to form complete heating and cooling systems for commercial, industrial, and other applications.

    Who is Mobile Air?

    Mobile Air is a proven provider of HVAC cooling solutions for every need in the Chicago, IL area and across North America. While we offer smaller equipment such as packaged air conditioners, we focus on Chiller Rental, both air cooled and water cooled up to 1000 tons.

    We provide reliable industrial cooling solutions from all industries, including schools, hospitals, retail, office buildings, commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and more. We can accommodate both short and long term needs, emergency as well as planned equipment outages.

    Applications range from simple one-for-one breakdown replacement to complex engineered solutions for very specific industrial needs. Discover more information about why Mobile Air is your best choice in chiller rental.

    York Brand Rental Chillers

    To maximize your workplace’s operating efficiency, you need access to both innovative HVAC equipment and world-class service expertise. This is why our fleet of well maintained equipment is primarily YORK® brand air and water cooled chillers and packaged commercial air conditioners.

    These primary pieces of equipment can be augmented with air handling units, cooling towers and other types of support equipment for a full HVAC system solution.

    All YORK® brand chillers have earned the trusted AHRI Certified™, an assurance of the product’s performance. Our equipment is maintained to rigorous standards by JCI/YORK® chiller technicians working in our equipment depot locations.

    Reliable and Rapid Response

    Rental Chiller equipment is dispatched from one of our Resolute Depots located strategically to service all of North America. All equipment is fully checked out and tested before leaving the depot to assure a trouble-free start up at the jobsite. Our equipment offers superior packaging which makes it very service friendly for hook up and servicing on the job site.

    We understand that not every equipment outage can be foreseen, and, therefore, we are on call 24/7 to meet your emergency needs. By calling our toll free number, you will quickly be put in touch with one of our rental managers who can work with you to understand your cooling needs and recommend the right solution.

    Find your emergency commercial HVAC solution today.

    Capable Of Addressing Any Application

    Mobile Air applications range from straightforward one-for-one chiller rental replacements for short term emergency situations to specialized engineered applications that can span multiple years. We tailor the solution to your specific requirements and in most cases can provide you a choice of alternatives to meet your unique cooling objectives.
    Meeting a Wide Variety of Customer Needs – While frequently used in equipment breakdown situations, our chiller rental HVAC solutions frequently address the following needs as well….

    Routine Maintenance & Overhauls

    A chiller rental from Mobile Air can give you the peace of mind that routine maintenance and equipment overhauls can be accomplished without imposing an unrealistic time constraint. This can assure that maintenance and repairs are unrushed and done correctly the first time.

    Chiller Replacements & Plant Additions

    When replacing equipment or executing a chiller rental plant expansion, a rental chiller can provide critical continuity of cooling while construction may be underway and new equipment is being ordered and installed.

    Additional Cooling Capacity For Peak Seasonal Needs

    Rather than investing in equipment needed to provide for brief seasonal peaks, it often makes sense to rent the additional capacity for that specific window of time. This eliminates the need to invest in purchasing and maintaining equipment that only experiences part time use.

    A Rental Chiller Can Allow You To Conserve Capital

    It may make sense to have Mobile Air invest in your cooling needs, thus allowing you to put valuable capital into your core business. We can develop a customized plan to provide the equipment and maintenance that you need at a reasonable monthly rental fee. This is a particularly popular choice when cooling needs may vary a great deal depending on production needs and longevity in locations.

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