Air-Cooled Chiller Rentals

Mobile Air offers a wide variety of air-cooled chiller rentals for your industrial processing and air conditioning needs. Chillers are well-suited for cooling manufacturing equipment, food processing, and maintaining comfortable temperatures across large buildings. Our rental solutions are versatile, efficient, and highly-portable, making it easy to get the cooling you need, where you need it.

Air-cooled chillers provide great flexibility if you're experiencing equipment malfunctions or a seasonal spike in cooling demands. Our chillers offer cooling capacity of 527 tons or more, with skid mounts for chillers up to 267 tons and trailer mounts for chillers 300 tons and above. Additionally, our units can be used indoors or outdoors, feature built-in integral pumps, and use a single point power connection.

If you're uncertain what type of chiller rental you need, we are here to help. With our extensive HVAC expertise, we will help you select the perfect chiller for your situation.

Looking for air-cooled chiller rentals? Call or contact us at Mobile Air today to find the perfect chiller solution for your business.

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