Cooling Tower Rentals

Cooling towers are a vital component of many HVAC and industrial systems. These units are necessary to remove all the heat generated by chillers, or to remove heat in cooling water systems in industrial settings. At Mobile Air, we offer a wide range of cooling tower rentals for various applications and cooling needs.

Cooling Towers Features & Options

  • 1,000 tons or More in Capacity
  • Open & Closed Loop Towers
  • Skid & Trailer Mounted Towers
  • Stainless Steel Basin Towers
  • And More Options.

When you need a cooling tower rental, you’re counting on a high-quality unit that’s delivered in a timely manner. That’s why Mobile Air stocks only top-of-the-line equipment and is ready to quickly respond to emergency portable cooling equipment requests.

If you’re looking for a cooling tower rental, contact us at Mobile Air today for a quote!

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