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Needs of the Rental Power Generation End User

2 July 2018 Bookmark and Share

American Spot Cooling, MA, RI, CT, NH, ME, NY, NJ, GA, FL, LA, TX

Rental Equipment Register recently ran an interview with Generac’s Gregg Eberhardt where Eberhardt discussed the needs of the power generation end user. Since rental power generation end users are a cornerstone base of our client support portfolio, we thought it beneficial to you all to share Gregg’s thoughts on the most common needs and considerations of the rental power consumer market. Throughout the interview, we insert our own personal thoughts and insights.

We are just around the beginning of hurricane season. What advice would you give to rental companies about how to prepare for the impact of major storms?

Eberhardt: Rental companies are well experienced in understanding the impact that hurricane season can have. They have already prepared their units by running them through their preventive maintenance intervals and they will monitor storm activity for moving products from areas that have lower utilization to areas of anticipated higher utilization. Last year was highly unusual that we had so many storms hit landfall in such a short duration of time and had one of them (Harvey) hit land and stayed in place for days. (It’s like he’s talking about us here at American Spot Cooling! All our rental power production units are through hurricane season preventative maintenance and ready to go!)

As hurricane season begins, what do you do as a manufacturer to prepare?

Eberhardt: Outside of having product available, the biggest thing that we do is focus on service. As much as everyone wants everything to run smoothly, something will not work and will need to be fixed. We have an excellent service team who work tirelessly to meet customer needs with parts and on the ground service issues. (Our equipment reliability and service support record is what sustains our business year-in and year-out. With 24/7 365 Day Emergency Service support standard with every single power production rental service contract!)

What are the basics that rental companies should know if they want to be successful in generator rentals?

Eberhardt: Be focused on meeting the needs of the end users. If they are happy, we all will be happy. (We’ve proudly and successfully served the power production rental community since 2010. Read more about us here.) A more specific technical item that has been enhanced by emissions regulations is to make sure that end users have properly sized their generator needs so that they are running the generators at a sufficient electrical load. When a diesel generator is run at a lower load (less than 25 percent), it can drive wet stacking which has negative impacts on the diesel engine and increases maintenance costs and time.

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