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Portable Air Conditioner: What to Look for – Atlanta, Boston

3 April 2014 Bookmark and Share

When you are in need of portable air conditioner rentals, you need high-quality equipment that is designed and manufactured with long-term reliability in mind. When choosing a portable air conditioner for an industrial application, here are some important things to look for:

Quality of manufacturing: In any industrial application, a spot air conditioner must first of all be reliable. Look for a system that is built to the highest quality standards.

Specifically, check to see if the fan motors are fully enclosed in protective housings to prevent dust from building up. Dust that accumulates on the motors can absorb moisture, leading to corrosion or electrical shorts.

Another important area to pay attention to is the refrigeration unit itself. Is it hermetically sealed, or does it have service valves, which are prone to leaks? Also, are the refrigerant pipes connected by reducers and expanders, or by pinching and brazing?

Pinching and brazing restricts the flow of the refrigerant, reducing cooling efficiency and long-term performance. In addition, the connections created using this method are weaker and more subject to vibration-caused stress cracks and subsequent leakage.

Also, examine the casters for their durability. Are they securely attached to the frame by a mounting plate and heavy-duty bolts, or only by the caster stem? The stem is a weak point that can bend and cause a caster to malfunction if it goes over a rough or uneven surface.

Next, look at the sheet-metal panels to see if they have stress-relief notches at the bends. Also, are the panels attached to the frame at load-bearing points by machine screws and weld nuts, or by lighter-duty sheet-metal screws? Is the weight of the fan housing supported by a sturdy interior frame, or only by a lighter cover panel?

Finally, check the drain pan to see if it is fully insulated, not just powder-coated. This ensures that moisture will not come into contact with the metal surface of the pan, protecting it from corrosion and possible leaks.

Your portable air conditioner rental company can help you determine the best spot cooler for your needs. Contact American Spot Cooling for more information.


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