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Portable Heaters To Keep Warm on Construction Sites – Boston, Atlanta

2 January 2014 Bookmark and Share

Most office workers are turning up the thermostats on their heating systems, but this is a luxury most construction workers don’t have. They are often working on sites without power or permanent amenities, so keeping warm can be a challenge.

One of the obvious solutions to this problem is to use portable heaters. Here is a brief guide to the types of portable commercial heaters you can install, as well as how effective they are.

Portable heaters: the main options

There is a surprising selection of portable heaters available for use on construction sites. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but should give you an indication of what’s out there.

  • Diesel-powered heaters – Diesel heaters are well-suited to warming up large spaces as they’re very powerful. Direct models should only be used in well-ventilated spaces as they add moisture to the air, while indirect ones are fine where ventilation is restricted. They’re also good if you don’t have a power source.
  • Electric heaters - There is a variety of electric heaters available, but these don’t tend to be as powerful as their diesel-powered counterparts. They’re better suited to use in small spaces like site offices. Among the different types are ceramic, fan and convection heaters, to name just a few.
  • Propane forced-air heaters - These are another heating device that’s ideally suited to industrial spaces, as they provide a high volume of warm air. They’re also known for their efficient combustion.
  • LPG plaque heaters - These are gas powered, making them perfect onsite if you don’t have an electrical supply. They’re freestanding and easily maneuverable, but are better at providing directional heat than warming a large space.
  • LPG catalytic cabinet heaters - This kind of heater is great if you’re looking for a gas-powered device that’s safe. The main burners are protected by the case and you can add an extra guard for even more safety.
  • LPG bin heaters - The final kind of heater on our list is LPG bin heaters. They’re energy efficient and don’t need electrical power to run. They’re a versatile option as they can warm up a reasonable area (like a small warehouse) and are good for drying out buildings.

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