Structural Drying

Mobile Air is here to help restoration contractors, property managers, and building owners quickly dry water-saturated structures. Our heat drying systems can dry a structure in less than half the time compared to using LGR (low grain refrigerant) dehumidifiers or desiccant dehumidifiers. Mobile Air's structural drying system provides comprehensive and efficient drying for any building.

Our Structural Drying System

  • We will evaluate your moisture removal needs and recommend the most efficient system to achieve the best structural drying results.
  • We deliver the needed equipment directly to the project site.
  • We will help to properly install the system and start-up the equipment.
  • We regularly visit the site to tweak and adjust the system to maximize efficiency as the drying process progresses.
  • When the drying is complete we remove the equipment for you.

This system helps prevent moisture damage, eliminates mold, and removes odor/contaminant. Furthermore, our structural drying techniques expedite the process, allowing occupants to move back in sooner with less interruption. Altogether, Mobile Air is dedicated to drying your building in a rapid, professional manner.

We also offer concrete drying and heat drying services.

We make flood and water damage cleanup easy as can be. Contact us at Mobile Air for fast, professional structural drying services.

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