Concrete Drying

Concrete drying is an essential process for preventing flooring failure and defects. Experts advise that after curing, concrete should be given several weeks (or longer) to dry so that these issues may be avoided. Mobile Air dehumidifier rentals facilitate moisture removal, expediting your construction time frame and saving time as well as money.

Cement vs. Concrete, Curing vs. Drying

When discussing concrete drying, it is important to understand some of the commonly misused terminology:

  • Cement: The grey powder ingredient in concrete, not the finished product.
  • Concrete: Cement powder, water, sand, and aggregate (rocks) bonded together.
  • Concrete Curing: The chemical reaction that bonds the ingredients together to form concrete.
  • Concrete Drying: The process of evaporating the excess water from cured concrete.

The Concrete is Cured, When Can the Floor Be Installed?

To say “It looks dry,” “It feels dry,” or “It seems dry,” isn’t enough. Furthermore, taping a plastic sheet to the floor for a day or two also has been proven to be an inaccurate indicator. Lastly, electronic meters that test for moisture in concrete are only spot tests, meaning they should not be utilized to make decisions regarding flooring installation.

The drying time before slabs are ready for moisture testing depends on atmospheric conditions and mix design, according to ASTM International's standard practices (F 710). A 4-in. thick slab allowed to dry from only one side typically requires 90 days to 120 days to dry. However, concrete with lightweight aggregate, excess water, or are on second floors may require as long as 168 days.

Concrete Drying Time is Significantly Shortened with Mobile Air’s Concrete Drying Rental.

Placed correctly, concrete floors can accept any floor covering to provide a long-lasting and durable wearing surface in almost any type of space. However, because of the fast-track nature of a lot of today’s construction projects, the installation is often rushed, which leads to failures. Bottom line, it’s important to know what to ask for, how to test, and what to do if you discover a problem.

Mobile Air has the expertise and tools to address your concrete drying needs. With years of experience in construction-based indoor climate controls, Mobile Air has developed methods to effectively dry concrete in a cost effective manner. We are ready to solve your concrete drying problems.

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