Heat Drying

Heat Drying – A Better Way to Dry

Mobile air takes a different approach to drying wet carpets, drywall, acoustic ceilings, and insulation with the use of heat drying. Although dehumidifiers have their place, our heat drying process is faster, more efficient, and more comprehensive than traditional drying methods.

How Heat Drying Works

Our heat drying solutions combine heat and air movement to create a rapid evaporative effect.

  • The heat causes water to evaporate – even water that is trapped beneath non-permeable coatings and materials.
  • Mechanically controlled outside air forces the resulting water vapor out of the building materials, wall cavities, and the structure itself.
  • Fresh outside air is circulated in the structure and properly vented out to eliminate any secondary damage caused by condensation and high humidity levels.

Heat Drying vs. Conventional Drying

We introduce both heat and mechanically controlled outdoor air into a wet structure. Afterwards, we monitor and maintain desired temperatures, moisture levels and air volumes. Finally, we even develop documentation that verifies a complete and thorough drying process.

The result? Up to 50% faster drying times, less moisture damage, and more effective mold prevention. Furthermore, our heat drying method removes more odors and airborne contaminants, enabling faster move-in times following a water emergency.

Benefits of Heat Drying

  • More effective: Heat drying eradicates moisture 50% quicker than conventional drying techniques. This technique raises the temperature to ranges inhospitable to mold and removes mold spores through air exchanges.
  • More cost-efficient: Heat drying reduces costs through quick moisture removal and effective mold treatment. Since heat drying removes moisture faster, it gives mold less time to grow and reduces water damage.
  • Less invasive: Heat drying is able to heat large areas quickly with small, power-efficient equipment. This technique also dries areas that would be inaccessible by ordinary means, reducing the amount of demolition required.

Mobile Air is ready to serve you 24/7 from our fully stocked warehouses across the Midwest and surrounding regions. We’re more than just an equipment rental company. You can rely on us to evaluate your unique situation and recommend the most efficient way to get the results you want.

For fast heat drying of your structure, visit our contact us or call Mobile Air at (888) 474-4340.

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