Defend your building against the damaging effects of moisture. A portable dehumidifier from Mobile Air can prevent mold and odors.


Dehumidifiers work to control condensation in areas with little or no ventilation, as well as areas affected by leaking or burst pipes, leaking roofs, or flooding.

Excess condensation and moisture can have destructive effects on structures and equipment, as well as promoting the growth of mold. Our dehumidifiers prevent the growth of unhealthy mold and unwanted odors. A dehumidifier can eliminate moisture in the air in areas prone to high humidity.

We carry a complete line of dehumidifiers to meet any need, whether you need dehumidification for a small room or a large industrial complex.

Protect your assets from the destructive forces of moisture with a portable dehumidifier from Mobile Air. For all your commercial rental dehumidification equipment needs — call the Mobile Air Force at (888) 474-4340!