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Heaters 101: What to Know Before Giving Us a Call

26 March 2021       Bookmark and Share

Now that we’ve covered how our heaters work, the differences between make-up air and recirculating heat solutions, and the reasons you would rent a heater from a solutions provider like us, it’s time to go over one last topic: what you should know before calling us for a temporary heat solution.

Before we get to the specifics, keep in mind that you actually do not need to know anything before giving us a call, aside from the fact that you’re interested in renting heaters. Our expert team of technical sales representatives has the training and experience needed to assess every relevant part of your facility and your overall situation. They will then be able to design a heating solution that perfectly fits your exact needs. However, providing us with certain specifications ahead of time will help us give you a more accurate initial quote. If a rough estimate is okay with you, you can just give us a call and leave everything else to the experts. Otherwise, here’s what you should know.

One of the most important factors you can determine is the size of the building or space you wish to heat. This means the width, length, and height of the rooms that will be heated, as well as how many floors the solution will need to handle. The size of the space will have one of the largest impacts on determining the heat load, so you should prioritize figuring out this specification before anything else.

Another important detail is how the inside space is partitioned. 10,000 square feet of an open warehouse will need different heat distribution than a similarly sized apartment complex. While we don’t need exact dimensions of every room in the building, a general idea of how the space is split up will be useful for our representatives.

It also goes without saying that it’s useful to tell us your desired temperature, humidity, and overall air conditions. This will greatly shape how we approach designing your solution. Similarly, a timeframe of your heating needs will also be important due to the sometimes rapidly changing weather conditions in winter.

Beyond this, there are a few more details that might be helpful to know. For instance, the voltage and other electrical specifications at your facility will be important for us to determine (even if you don’t want to use electric heaters). If you have access to a certain type of fuel, you should also let us know. Lastly, it can help to know what materials your exterior walls, windows, and other features are made of. This will help us determine how quickly heat will leave your building. These can be somewhat technical specifications, however, so you should leave this to the experts if you do not already know these details.

These are just a few factors that a technical sales representative will consider when he or she designs your temporary heating solution. Whether or not you’d like to immediately provide these details for a more accurate quote is up to you, but a representative will always walk the site, confirm the details, and draw up a custom solution that best fits your needs.

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