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Power 101: Why Rent a Generator?

10 November 2021       Bookmark and Share

In our previous installment, we went over how our generators work and the concepts and technologies that make them possible. This time, we’ll discuss the reasons you would rent a generator from a solutions provider like us. Although utilities and suppliers work tremendously hard to make electricity as reliable and available as possible through the electric grid, there will still be moments where you might need a temporary source of power that’s separate from the grid. Here are some of the most common scenarios.

The most obvious scenario, of course, is a power outage at a building or facility. Storms, hurricanes, squirrels, or a number of other events can knock out power lines and leave entire areas without a source of utility power. There’s no telling when the local utility will be able to complete a repair, and it can be days or even weeks before power is available again. If your business or facility relies on power to function, then renting a generator is often a no-brainer.

Construction jobs also represent a common need for temporary power. Any job can require a host of trailers and power tools to get the job done, but a permanent utility won’t be available in the earliest stages of the project. While temporary utility poles are an option for contractors, the entire process can take too much time and effort to truly be worthwhile. A generator-based power solution, on the other hand, is simple and flexible. MAPR can quickly provide generators as needed and can easily respond to any unforeseen changes in power demand.

Whether it’s a barn wedding or a concert, events taking place in remote locations need a temporary source of power due to their distance from any source of utility power. Events are even shorter term than something like a construction project, so in these cases a temporary power solution is really the only option (unless a wedding under the stars is your kind of style).

These are the most frequent reasons that MAPR provides temporary power solutions to our partners, but they are far from the only examples. Rental generators can be used in a host of specialized applications, and offer the advantage of flexibility, cost, and lack of maintenance over purchasing one of your own units. And in the case of using a turnkey solutions provider like Mobile Air & Power Rentals, there’s added benefit in having a single point of contact do all the work needed to get you power for however long you need. Tune in next time for the final installment of the Generators 101 series, where we discuss what you should know before giving us a call.

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