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Heaters 101: Why Rent a Heater?

12 February 2021       Bookmark and Share

So far, we’ve covered how our most popular types of heaters work, as well as the difference between recirculating heat and make-up air. Now that you’re one step closer towards being a heating expert, the next important step is to learn why you would rent a heater in the first place, as opposed to purchasing your own units.

As it turns out, there are many advantages to renting a heater instead of buying one, and these benefits apply to each and every solution we provide. The most important benefit comes from the fact that Mobile Air & Power Rentals is more than a provider of rental equipment. MAPR prides itself in offering full turnkey solutions, meaning that a member of our sales team will utilize their expertise to design a heating solution that works best for your application and facility. While you would not have such help from a typical rental company or if you owned your own heaters, we’re happy to engineer a solution, provide consultive services, and perform a complete installation and breakdown in addition to renting out equipment.

Whether you need heat for a day or for the entire season, renting a heater avoids a major inconvenience that comes with purchasing equipment: maintenance. To prevent your purchased units from suffering rapid degradation in the long term, you would need to consistently store, clean, and maintain the heaters year-round. By renting heaters instead, maintenance is left in the hands of Mobile Air & Power Rentals, who has no shortage of qualified technicians who perform regular and preventative maintenance on all of our heaters before they reach their next job. Similarly, purchased units that are used in critical operations increase the consequences of a breakdown thanks to the lack of inherent technical support. When your own unit breaks down, you’re left at the mercy of the manufacturer’s warranty policy, which may not offer service or replacement parts in time for your needs. MAPR, on the other hand, can be on site within hours of any equipment malfunction.

The last significant benefit to renting equipment may be the most valuable to you, depending on your operations, and that’s the variety of heaters that Mobile Air & Power Rentals offers. If you purchase a heater, you’re committed to that specific type and capacity whether it’ll suit your future needs or not. There's a legitimate possibility that the unit is either rated too high or too low for a given circumstance, which might give you a result that’s less than ideal. By renting from someone like MAPR, you have access to a wide range of rental heating equipment that easily suits your exact needs, even if those needs are constantly changing.

These are some of the benefits of renting a heater, but there are times when renting is just about your only choice. For instance, if your building’s heating system suddenly breaks down, rental heaters will be necessary to keep occupants safe and comfortable while repairs are underway. If a building is under construction, temporary heating may also be necessary, since using the permanent heating system before the building is complete may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Whether you rent heaters out of choice or necessity, there are many benefits to dealing with a rental partner like Mobile Air & Power Rentals instead of managing your own units. Next time, we’ll go over what you should know before giving us a call for a rental heat solution.

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