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Rental Heaters

When winter comes, it comes in full force, and there’s no better way to counter the effects of cold weather than utilizing a rental heater from Mobile Air & Power Rentals. MAPR carries a variety of heaters that vary in both capacity and heating method. Whether you need cost-effective heating, a unit that utilizes a specific fuel source, or face a number of different constraints, we’re prepared to meet your exact temporary heating needs.

Mobile Air & Power Rentals offers rental direct-fired heaters suitable for applications such as construction heating and heating temporarily occupied spaces, all while using fuel at a high efficiency. Our rental indirect-fired heaters are also great options for applications where absolutely zero combustion byproducts can enter the processed air, such as residences and living quarters. And where portability is crucial or fuel is prohibited, our rental electric heaters are the perfect solution to circumnavigate these challenges. Beyond this selection, we also offer more specialized products such as water heaters and self-contained models with built-in generators.

Heating is complex and expertise is required to design efficient solutions, but it’s incredibly easy to leave it in the hands of a partner like Mobile Air & Power Rentals.

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