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Safely Employing Rental Portable Generators at Your Business

18 June 2020 Bookmark and Share

American Power Rental rent generators in New York, NY

We provide actional information here in our blog to help ensure that your staff, customers, and property are fully protected from the dangers that any power generation service introduces into your work space. With that said, our perfect safety record here at American Spot Cooling’s rental portable generator division speaks for itself, in part because we take the time to educate and train our clients on the proper operation and maintenance precautions that must be taken regardless of the rental power provider chosen.

A common mistake that the uninformed consumers of rental power make is accidentally (sometimes purposely) connecting the generator directly into the electrical utility provider’s system without a breaker that prevents back flow. This situation is most often associated with a self-help business operator intending to create an uninterrupted power supply service using portable rental generators. Rest assured, our trained and certified electrical power engineers and technicians will not let that happen to you.

Another common mistake is to overload temporary rental portable generators. It takes a skilled electrical technician to conduct a quality electrical requirements analysis and to properly size the generator (or generators) required to deliver upon your need. Overloading a power generator can cause damage to the equipment, cause a fire risk, and/or electrocution risk. Once again, we’re not going to allow you to introduce those risks into your business.

How about grounding. How much to you know about the importance of this subject and how to establish and maintain a proper ground. If you’re fully informed, great. If not, worry not. We’ll educate, connect, and if need be, establish a new ground when and if necessary

For more information on how to properly integrate rental power generators into your business operation, contact Mobile Air & Power Rental.

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