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A Guide to Contingency Planning

11 July 2019 Bookmark and Share

By Sebastian Kopacz

Whether you’re in charge of a business, apartment complex, industrial plant, hospital, or any other facility, you have numerous responsibilities to ensure that things are running according to plan. Since natural disasters like hurricanes pose a constant threat to coastal areas, one such responsibility is working to minimize service downtime in the case of a power outage. In some instances, like in nuclear power plants and factories with chemical processes, the loss of cooling systems is just as significant an issue as a loss of power. Knowing the dangers posed to the smooth operation of your business, it is a wise choice to make a contingency plan in case of a power outage. 

What is a Contingency Plan?

By definition, a contingency plan is a “plan designed to take a possible future event or circumstances into account”, but what would that entail for your business? In most cases, it would mean planning for a power outage; a majority of our emergency calls are for generators, as opposed to cooling equipment. Once you make your first call to American Spot Cooling and Power Rental, one of our experts, visits your facility to assess its specifications, such as supply voltage, amp draw, and point of connection for power. We also take into account factors like critical response time, or how quickly your services would need to be restored. After all relevant details are acquired, we determine the proper capacity of the generator(s) needed to power either your entire facility, or just a critical load.

In essence, this is what a basic contingency plan consists of. Having planned out your power needs ahead of time, ASCAPR will know exactly what equipment needs to be sent out when you call us after a power outage. After a call, our disaster response team will deploy as soon as the storm clears and roads open. A basic contingency plan can save you valuable time in recovery, but you can go much further than that in preparing your business for disaster.

Paid Contingency Plans

Although it is greatly beneficial just knowing what equipment you need ahead of time, it is not guaranteed that it will be available when disaster strikes. After all, when a hurricane hits, almost every rental generator in the country is deployed to affected areas. If you can’t risk a generator shortage after a disaster, consider a paid contingency plan. It is the same as basic plan, but with one advantage: equipment is rented for the entire hurricane season at a discount, ready to go as soon as conditions allow for deployment. This way, you can rest easy knowing that generators are reserved and held for your business, and guaranteed to be available if a power outage occurs. And if renting for the entire season is too much of an expense, equipment can also be rented prior to a storm and held until it clears up completely.

To get started on your contingency plan, give American Spot Cooling and Power Rental a call, or download our Emergency Preparedness Guide.

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