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Rental Generator Permitting Questions Answered– Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island

12 January 2015 Bookmark and Share

Electrical permitting questions, as it pertains to rental generator projects in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island have been coming up more and more lately.

Many of our customers ask or comment:

  • “Do I need an electrical permit for this jobsite?“
  • “It’s only a one-day rental, why do I need a permit?”
  • “Our last vendor didn’t say anything about permitting”
  • “What happens if we don’t pull a permit?”
  • “The generator most likely won’t even need to run, do I still need a permit?”

Well the short answer to these rental generator permit questions and comments is “Yes, you do need a permit.” In the case of generator rentals, you are creating a separately derived electrical source that is required to meet the guidelines of the National Electrical Code for a safe installation.

Electrical permits are easy for us to obtain at American Power Rental as part of our turnkey service. We have a Licensed Master Electrician on staff to address and review the jobsite concerns and is well versed in the frequent changes to the Code that pertain to our industry. We want every jobsite to be 100% safe all of the time.

We have excellent working relationships with many local inspectors and know what they are looking for. The #1 rule is public safety. The power equipment setup needs to be viewed and blessed by the local inspector. The inspector will then know where the jobsite is, what equipment is being used, how it was setup and how to contact the Electrician if any problems arise.

In addition to Electrical permitting, other permits required can include Fuel Storage, Fuel Dispensing, Parking, Sidewalk and Environmental (EPA) permitting (for long term rentals over 1 year in duration). This surge in permitting enforcement by local authorities is driven from accidents, fires, and safety compliance issues. Some recent “non-permitted” jobs have resulted in very serious injuries and death.

Our goal at American Power Rental and American Spot Cooling is to guide our customers to the safest and most cost effective turnkey solutions in the areas of temporary electrical generators and distribution, portable heating and air conditioning.

Please give us a call at 888-996-8428 for additional information or a quote on your next project.

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