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Negative Air Treatment Services: Critical Safety Service for Your Staff and Customers

6 May 2020 Bookmark and Share

Rental Negative Air Machine Mobile Air Bulldog

Air quality inside enclosed spaces varies widely and there has never been a higher importance placed on air quality within the workspace. There are countless factors that affect the overall quality of air within your workspace and it is near impossible for the layman to be able to asses air quality and whether or not you are putting your staff and customers at risk. Enter American Power Rental, proven professionals in the ability to assess and improve the air quality of your business.

The major elements affecting indoor air quality are circulation and moisture levels. Air filters are vital in the ability to capture fine particles that cause a wide array of health risks. This is where negative air machines, when employed within our business space, will improve the safety of your business operations in measurable ways.

Rental negative air machines remove contaminants from the air in an enclosed space in your home, hotels, offices, warehouses, or healthcare facilities. It prevents the contaminants from escaping into other parts of the building. It creates a negative air pressure vacuum that draws air through a filter to remove mold, dust, and other particles. Negative air machines are commonly used in areas where work such as grinding, welding, mold removal, and building renovations occurs. It is also used as air scrubbers to filter and recycle air within a space that provides the highest efficiency in capturing particles. Since it is a portable filtration system, its function is to actively remove contaminants from the air in a sealed environment.

In a sealed containment area, a negative air machine uses pipelines to remove contaminated air. The filtered air is exhausted outside of the containment area. This serves as a vacuum effect that creates negative air pressure. It helps limit the spread of contaminants to other areas inside the structure. In healthcare and other clean spaces, negative air machines employ HEPA filters to provide the extra layer of air quality support that typical HVAC systems simply cannot deliver. Negative air machine removes airborne particles like human skin cells, pet hair, dust, dirt, and yes human-sourced airborne pathogens.

For more information regarding increasing the air quality within your business operation, contact American Spot Cooling & Power Rental.

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