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Rental Air Conditioners for Construction Drying

20 June 2018 Bookmark and Share

American Spot Cooling Portable Dehumidifiers for Jacksonville Construction Sites

Jacksonville construction sites face many humidity challenges throughout the life cycle of the project.  These issues may be driven by wet trades, severe weather conditions, or many other different reasons. Regardless of the cause, high humidity levels can create major problems for the contractor; these include delays to finishing trades while waiting for floors and walls to dry and damage to delicate materials such as wood and lining materials which often cause serious delays to the program.  Rental dehumidifiers for construction sites efficiently and rapidly reduce on-site humidity levels which accelerate the drying process and help you stay on track with project deadlines.

Concrete floors and plaster need to be dry before finishing trades can start their work, otherwise the process will be ruined. Expensive wooden or resin floors need to be laid on surfaces that are dry, but if the relative humidity is too high the drying process may be hampered or faulty. By using rental dehumidifiers in Jacksonville the process will be accelerated without the risk of cracking or damage to the structure.

Many sites use heaters to dry buildings. This is often inappropriate procedure due to the high running costs or the creation of too much warmth. Applying heat directly to walls and floors will only dry the surface and this will often lead to cracking. Direct fired LPG heaters will add more moisture to the air than they remove. Using rental dehumidifiers accelerates the natural drying process in a controlled manner and provides significant fuel cost savings.

American Spot Cooling in Jacksonville provides tailored solutions to meet any requirements.  Our engineers will visit your site to take humidity and temperature readings and use those measurements to recommend the most cost-effective drying package to suit your specific requirement.  These units can be delivered to your construction site immediately, guaranteeing a rapid response to any humidity needs.

All Jacksonville construction sites are different. Our broad range of dehumidifiers, heaters and rental generators ensure that all eventualities are covered.  Contact us for more information.

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