Mobile Air Portable Air Conditioners

We have developed our own line of Mobile Air portable air conditioners with larger cooling needs in mind. These portable air conditioners feature cooling capacities of up to 80 tons of cooling and can be used in conjunction with each other when higher capacities are needed. While larger, these trailer mounted air conditioners have the same portability as smaller units. For more information on which Mobile Air portable air conditioner is right for you call Mobile Air at (888) 474-4340.

Title Image Minimum Voltage Amps Btu/hr Evaporator CFM Compressor CFM Net Weight Plug Type
Mobile Air MAI12LA(208) 208-230v three-phase 60 144,000 4,800 10,700 1,250 Camlock
Mobile Air MAI12LA(440) 460v three-phase 41.0 144,000 4,800 10,700 1,250 Camlock
Mobile Air RT-MAI20TR 208-230v three-phase 95.0 240,000 8,000 16,700 6500 Camlock
Mobile Air RT-MAI30TR 208-230v three-phase 208-230v three-phase N/A 19,500 19,500 8,600 Camlock
Mobile Air RT-MAI40TR 460v three-phase 85.0 N/A 16,000 N/A N/A Camlock
Mobile Air RT-MAI50TR 480v three-phase 175.0 N/A 18,000 37,500 11,000 Camlock
Mobile Air RT-MAI80TR 460v three-phase 140.0 N/A 16,000 N/A 10,500 Camlock