MovinCool Classic 18

The MovinCool Classic 18 portable air conditioner is perfect if you’re looking for a little more cooling than the Classic 10 provides, but still want maximum portability. Designed to work in harsh environments such as production lines, outdoor events, manufacturing processes, and much more.
Handles temperatures up to 105°F.
18,000 Btu cooling capacity to deal with any hot spot.
Significantly less expensive than running central air conditioning.
Rugged and durable design.

The Classic 18 saves you money by only cooling the area that needs it, while protecting people and increasing production. Autonomous and portable, the MovinCool Classic 18 comes standard with a 220V plug, making solving your cooling needs as easy as rolling it in and plugging it in.
** Exhaust duct may be required.

Water Removal per Day at 95°F at 60% RH
224 pints / 106 liters
Minimum Voltage
208/230 volt single-phase
19 x 26 x 41 in
Compressor CFM
Evaporator CFM
Plug Type
6-15 NEMA
Net Weight
164 lbs
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