Negative Air Equipment

Using rental negative air machines and air scrubbers can help ventilate both temporary and existing environments.
Negative air solutions use ducting to remove contaminated air from a sealed area. The filtered air is exhausted outside of the containment area, helping to limit the spread of contaminants to other areas inside a structure. Air scrubbers remove pollutants from the air within a given area. These machines draw air in from the surrounding environment and pass it through a series of filters to remove contaminants.

HEPA Filters
High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration removes mold spores, dust, allergens, and other microscopic particles from the air. They aid in reducing virus spread by capturing a portion of airborne virus sized particles. Although no air purifier can completely protect you from a virus, HEPA filters in addition to negative air machines are highly desirable for use in both temporary and existing healthcare facilities to assist in ventilating the environment.

Review Our Available Negative Air Equipment Products Below

Negative Air Products

Unit Name Image Voltage Amps CFM Dimensions
Abatment Technologies Bulldog 120 VAC Full Load 10A, Circuit Size 15A 1300/2000 L40", W29", H32"
Abatment Technologies H2000HPA 120 VAC Full Load 10A, Circuit Size 15A 1300/2000 L36", W26", H31"
Abatment Technologies PAS1800 120 VAC Full Load 10A, Circuit Size 15A 1000/1800 L25", W22", H46"
Abatment Technologies Predator 600 120 VAC Full Load 2A, Circuit Size 12A 200-600 L24", W18", H20"
B-Air RA-650 120 VAC Full Load 2.5A, Circuit Size 5A up to 500 L22", W13", H20"
DriEaz DefendAir 500 120 VAC Full Load 3A, Circuit Size 5A 250/500 L27", W19", H25"
Novatek Novair 1000 120 VAC Full Load 5A, Circuit Size 15A 500/1000 L20", W23", H40"
Novatek Novair 2100 120 VAC Full Load 15A, Circuit Size 15A 1000/2000 L37", W26", H31"
Xpower AP-2000 120 VAC Full Load 8A, Circuit Size 10A 2000 L41", W29", H33"
Xpower X-2480 120 VAC Full Load 2.8A, Circuit Size 5A L17", W11", H19"
Xpower X-3400 120 VAC Full Load 2.8A, Circuit Size 5A up to 600 L20", W13", H22"

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