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Best Features Of Our Power Transformers

17 September 2019 Bookmark and Share

American Power Rental - Portable rental transformers in Boston, MA

Transformers are the key in stepping up or down the voltage levels within a facility. Electrical power transformers for rent allow our clients to operate and have maximum efficiency at or near full load. Our rental portable transformers are engineered and specifically designed to suit each individual project.

Efficiency in power supply and distribution along with cost-effective solutions is what we are all about. We provide our clients with Ring Main Units (RMU) and Neutral Earth Resistors (NER) on request. We will work with you to discover what is the best electrical power transformer required for your project or business. We also provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of power transformer rental options which supports a wide range of voltage levels and applications. From generation and transmission to distribution, our electrical power transformers for rent are available near you.

Our transformer rentals provide our clients with reliable and consistent performance, quality and safety. We believe our power generation, transmission, and distribution expertise is second to none. Whether you are bringing a fossil fuel plant or nuclear plant online, need temporary power and distribution during planned or unplanned outages, or have HVAC, compressed air, or dehumidification needs we have a trusted track record.

We know that no two plants are the same. So instead of supplying off-the-shelf rental equipment, we listen to your needs, work out the best approach, then engineer, deliver, install, monitor, and maintain the best solution for the job. Most of the time, this means we custom-design power, cooling or dehumidification systems for our customers, and this is where we excel.

Our transformers are unique. Compact in size with high capacity, ABB and other well-known brands are used to reduce losses caused by high impedance. Options for housing in an enclosure with lifting corners and forklift pockets and for larger units, they are assembled as a containerized unit, complete with cooling fans and switchgears to provide adequate safety measures.

Our electrical engineers and industry-savvy technicians are certified to work in the utilities industry, which means we know how to reduce outage days, keep customer interruptions to a minimum and maintain a safe working environment. You will be in safe hands with us as your utility partner.

Contact American Power Rental, we can help you with your power transformer needs.

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