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How To Safely Use A Portable Generator In Winter Construction

17 October 2019 Bookmark and Share

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Despite the challenging weather during winter, residential and commercial construction presses on. Rental portable generators are a cornerstone for New York area construction companies. Rental mobile power is essential for both routine daily operations as well as emergency situations on the construction site. It's important to be cautious when using combustion engine generators, especially during the winter months when workers are most likely to work within enclosed workspace and thus being subject to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Here are safety tips to put in mind when operating a portable generator in construction sites.

1. Station It In A Safe Location

Find an area with the right ventilation for the exhaust. Station the portable generator in a space which enables the exhaust to release freely. Place the unit at least 20 ft. from vents, windows or doors. Under no circumstance, ever operate a generator indoors. It can and will pose deadly threat.

2. Prevent Electric Shock Hazards

Since most of your construction equipment will be attached to generator power during storms, you need to be cautious of the increased risk for electric hazards. Make sure to place the unit away from wet areas like water puddles even snow piles on the ground. Prior to plugging power cables into unit, make sure first that it is not running.

In addition, you may use an inlet box and transfer switch rather than using extension cords. Using this will isolate the electric system to minimize the risk for electric shock.

3. Have A Carbon Monoxide Alarms for Enclosed Areas

Always consider generator safety in indoors. Carbon monoxide detector must be installed in work areas.

In case your worksite is situated near a residential area, take into account that generator exhaust could affect houses nearby. Keep in mind to position the unit away from neighboring houses so the exhaust will not stream towards these houses.

Portable generators will let you resume your construction work in spite of weather difficulty during winter. They are now considered as a necessity in diverse businesses not just in construction industry. You just need to follow safety precautions to avoid any mishaps in the job site.

For more portable generator tips, contact American Power Rental.

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