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Reasons To Rent Power Production Solutions

31 December 2019 Bookmark and Share

American Power Rental - rent generators in New York, NY

There are numerous reasons why countless New York business owners maximize revenue by renting temporary power production capability versus buying. Some of those reasons include:

1. Minimal Maintenance

If you own a generator set, you must service it regularly. This is a direct manpower expense. When you rent a generator, these worries are eliminated because you are guaranteed with CARB certified and regularly maintained units.

Partner up with a company that offers complete power equipment rental which includes service and support from certified technicians who can properly install the generators and proactively act to any service or emergency situation.

2. Economical

Rental Generators presents a cheaper option than buying especially for short-term projects. The savings can also extend to the maintenance, storage and unit transport. In fact, generators demand regular upkeep, even if they are are rarely used.

3. Flexible

When you rent a generator, you are able to rent any size with adequate output and the correct rating for your unique project. Rental portable generators can be custom-configured. We will assist you to ensure you have the right genset for your need. In case your power demands change, you can immediately switch to another unit with greater capacity or one that adequately matches your need.

4. Field Support

We provide on-site support regardless of location. Our technicians ensure the gensets are properly installed as well as the power distribution setup. They will also guarantee that your temporary power source complied with local laws. Furthermore, they ensure that rented generators meet emission standards and noise regulations of your location while still sufficiently supplying the power your project demands.

5. You May Try It Before You Rent It Out

There are a lot of elements you need to consider when buying a generator and most of the time consumers impulsively purchase a unit without a strategic requirement analysis. More often than not the solution purchased is either under or over-sized for its need. There is a direct cost with both mistakes.

6. Service Guarantee

Our rental equipment does not fail because of strict attention to detail regarding preventative maintenance. Business-owned equipment fails and a remarkably higher rate because preventative maintenance is often overlooked.

7. Quick Disaster Response

Renting a genset enables you to respond promptly to disasters. Whether it's a weather disturbance, a natural calamity or jobsite-related issues, rental generators can be rented anytime. They are delivered promptly right to your doorstep for your convenience. All you need to do is pick up your phone and call us.

8. Getting Ready for a Bulk Order

You can request for a custom-configured generator that can provide adequate support for your demand. The perfect solution for companies that require more power to produce the extra orders in a given time.

By partnering with a generator rental dealer that offers temporary cooling units as well, businesses can get through the increased demands without over spending on infrastructure. The equipment can remain in the property for long-term use so building additional infrastructures are no longer necessary.

9. Advantages from Last Minute Changes

Last-minute changes can happen. Whether it's a glitch in your system or power-related accidents in the work site that can disrupt the entire job, you can immediately access the right power through renting which will save your business or establishment. You will have the proper equipment that you need since there are certified technicians will quickly assess and evaluate your problem.

So if you need to rent a reliable portable generator, contact American Power Rental.

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