Air vs. Water-Cooled Portable A/C

Selecting the right type of portable air conditioner for your heat problem is critical. There are two main types of portable A/C units: air-cooled and water-cooled units. Mobile Air stocks a wide range of both types of units, leaving us fully prepared to handle your A/C needs. We work with our clients carefully to determine the best solution for their unique situation.

Air Cooled Portable A/C

Air-cooled units are the most common type of portable air conditioner. An air-cooled unit uses an internal fan to remove the heat from the condensing section of the unit. For practical purposes, this means that you need to vent the unit so that the hot air may be removed. Often, users vent the hot air to a drop ceiling, through a window, to the return air duct of the central system, or into areas insensitive to heat (such as a warehouse or garage). See the air cooled portable air conditioner installation page for more information on the ducting of condenser air.

Water-Cooled Portable A/C

Not all applications are suitable for venting condenser air. For example, small spaces, fire walls, or areas enclosed for security purposes can all make it difficult to effectively vent air. These situations call for a water-cooled unit, as an air-cooled unit will not be able to function properly. Water-cooled units use water to remove the heat from the condenser. Using the flexible hose kits provided with the unit, water-cooled units can be easily hooked up to a standard sink, a slop sink in a janitors closet, a hose bib. In fact, we can even tap into a building's condenser water loop or chiller water supply for easy drainage. See our water-cooled portable air conditioner installation page for more information.

If your situation requires a temporary cooling solution, your Mobile Air representative can help you navigate through the benefits of an air vs. water-cooled unit. Call Mobile Air at (888) 474-4340 or contact us for a solution to your heating problem.

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