Large Portable Air Conditioner Rentals

Factories, warehouses, and other large workplaces have a lot of air conditioning requirements. Among other needs, these locations often have to keep the temperature at a comfortable level for personnel as well as perform localized spot cooling of heat-sensitive equipment. Mobile Air's large portable air conditioner rentals are perfect for these applications.

Likewise, our commercial air conditioner experts have the experience and knowledge to provide the right industrial air conditioning solution for your application. After contacting Mobile Air, we will work with you to determine your specific needs and help you choose the right large portable air conditioner rental.

Learn More About Our Large Portable Air Conditioner Services:

Climate control in large facilities is no small feat. Here at Mobile Air, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with efficient large portable air conditioner rental units. With our rentals, your facility will be quickly cooled so that you can focus on running your business.

For your commercial or industrial air conditioning needs, you can count on Mobile Air. Request a quote now for your large portable air conditioner needs.

Unit Name Image Minimum Voltage Amps Btu/hr Plug Type Evaporator CFM Compressor CFM Net Weight Dimensions
Mobile Air RT-MAI20TR 208-230v three-phase 95.0 240,000 Camlock 8,000 16,700 6500 84" x 120" x 68"
Mobile Air MAI12LA(440) 460v three-phase 41.0 144,000 Camlock 4,800 10,700 1,250 61" x 43" x 64" in
Mobile Air MAI12LA(208) 208-230v three-phase 60 144,000 Camlock 4,800 10,700 1,250 61" x 43" x 64" in
Mobile Air RT-MAI80TR 460v three-phase 140.0 N/A Camlock 16,000 N/A 10,500 28' x 8' x 11'
Mobile Air RT-MAI50TR 480v three-phase 175.0 N/A Camlock 18,000 37,500 11,000 80" x 170" x 64"
Mobile Air RT-MAI40TR 460v three-phase 85.0 N/A Camlock 16,000 N/A N/A N/A
Mobile Air RT-MAI30TR 208-230v three-phase 208-230v three-phase N/A Camlock 19,500 19,500 8,600 80" x 170" x 64"
Ocean Aire PAC6012 208-230 volt single-phase 34 60,050 6-50 NEMA 2200 2900 460 lbs 28 1/4" x 39" x 52 1/2"

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