Choosing a Large Portable Air Conditioner

It's easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of options available for large portable air conditioners. With countless brands, models, sizes, and capacities to choose from, how do you select the right one for your needs?

First things first, we strongly recommend selecting a unit that is designed with portability in mind. Permanent units are sometimes adapted for portable use; unfortunately, this also means they were not designed with the rigors of transportation in mind. In other words, these units are less reliable than units originally designed for portable use.

Why Choose Mobile Air for Large Portable Air Conditioner Rentals?

  • Superb transportation for dependable units: The transportation system for the unit is just as important as the unit itself. All Mobile Air trailer systems offer a secure, safe ride for the equipment. Air Ride and other suspension spring/shock systems are incorporated to make sure that the air conditioning unit arrives to you in proper working order.
  • Optimal latent load capacities: Large units are most often set-up outdoors. For air quality concerns, it is best to take a portion of outside air into the space that is being cooled. Our Mobile Air units are designed to have a high latent (moisture) load capacity. This means that even in the most humid conditions, our units deliver cold, dry air to the target location.
  • Designed for large temperature drops: Typical permanent style units are designed to offer a 20°F temperature drop, the unit will deliver air up to 20° cooler than the air it draws in. Mobile Air's large portable A/C units are designed to achieve much greater temperature drops when required. In fact, our units are capable of temperature drops of up to 35°F, meaning your location will be comfortably cool in no time.

Here at Mobile Air, we recognize that you are relying upon a large portable A/C unit for cooling a large area effectively, dependably, and efficiently. To meet this need, we only offer custom-designed large air conditioners specifically engineered for portable applications. From their initial design through the assembly process, our units are built for portable use. This means that our rugged units are designed to fully withstand the strain of repeated transportation, set-up, and tear-down.

We make choosing a large portable air conditioner simple. For your next large portable air conditioner rental, contact Mobile Air.

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