Installing a Large Portable Air Conditioner

Installing large portable air conditioners tends to require more planning and consideration. Oftentimes, mechanical contractors or building facility personnel need to be involved for installing large portable air conditioning units to ensure effective cooling. When you call Mobile Air, we delivery the unit right to your location and provide full set-up services for the air conditioner, making the process as easy as can be.

General Guide for Large Portable Air Conditioner Installation

  • Position Unit: Typically, a large portable air conditioner will be placed outdoors with ductwork running into the building or area being cooled.
  • Place Unit Near Building on a Level Surface: The location needs to be relatively level and should be as close as possible to both the area being cooled and the power source.
  • Establish Ductwork: Since the unit is outside, we need to find a way to get the cooling to where it is needed. Flex ducts are used to provide cold air supply to the space and return warm air back to the unit. Typical means of transitioning into the building with flex ducts are through doors, vents already on the building, or through windows. We have methods and equipment to make these transitions into the building easy and secure.
  • Determine A/C Distribution: Using flex ducts, cold air can be sent straight to the space being cooled. Alternatively, the flex duct may be tapped into the buildings permanent ductwork for easy A/C distribution.
  • Determine Power Source: Electrical power is brought to the unit using a power cable provided by Mobile Air. The cables simply plug into the unit and wire whips with plug ends are provided for easy installation into building power. All large units have a fused disconnect switch integral to the unit.
  • Identify Necessary Electrical Connection: A large portable air conditioner usually requires a more powerful electrical connection. Because the larger cooling units take more power (higher amps) to cool effectively, they may require a special plug configuration for the correct amperage. See our plug configuration chart to determine the type of plug configuration needed to run these larger units.
  • Turn Unit On: After ductwork is in place and power supplied, all you have to do is turn the unit on.

If you have any questions or concerns about installing your rental unit, our friendly, knowledgeable cooling technicians are on-hand to help. Whether you're looking for guidance before installation or would like to speak with a technician on-site, our A/C professionals are happy to assist with any questions you may have.

Contact Mobile Air to learn more about installing a large portable air conditioner or to schedule a large portable AC rental.

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