What is a Large Portable Air Conditioner?

A large portable air conditioner is a mobile air conditioning system designed to provide substantially greater cooling capacity. Mobile Air offers portable air conditioners in capacities up to 80 tons of cooling out of a single unit. With our full line of portable air conditioners, we can utilize multiple units to meet any cooling need. Furthermore, all of our large portable A/C units are custom-designed for portability and cooling huge, open areas.

A large portable air conditioner is usually trailer mounted for complete portability. The unit is normally parked outside the area being cooled while flexduct is used to introduce the cool air into your structure. We can tie directly into your buildings existing ductwork to provide cooling the same way your permanent system does. Though these units are very large, their trailer mountings make them highly-portable and easy to move around your location.

Whether planned or emergency, Mobile Air has the cooling capacity you need. Contact us today for all of your large portable air conditioner needs.

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