Mobile Air Portable Air Conditioners

We have developed our own line of Mobile Air portable air conditioners with larger cooling needs in mind. These portable air conditioners feature cooling capacities of 80 tons of cooling or more. While larger, these trailer mounted air conditioners have the same portability as smaller units.

Advantages of Mobile Air Portable Air Conditioners

  • High Cooling Capacity
  • Highly Portable
  • Rugged & Reliable
  • Designed Specifically for this Application

Typical air conditioners are designed for either portability or high cooling capacity - not both. Mobile Air specifically designed our air conditioners to offer large cooling capacities while being rugged enough for portable use. Reliability is key for air conditioning units, so we took great care to engineer these units to be durable and dependable.

For more information on which Mobile Air portable air conditioner is right for you, contact us or call Mobile Air at (888) 474-4340.

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