How to Install a MovinCool Air Conditioner

Mobile Air carries a full line of MovinCool portable air conditioners available for rental and sale. MovinCool portable air conditioners are an easy and cost effective way to solve your climate control problems.

Installing a MovinCool portable air conditioner is surprisingly easy.

Below is our general guide to MovinCool A/C installation:

  1. Roll the MovinCool portable air conditioner into place.
  2. Use the provided exhaust kit to vent outlet air from the space being cooled. The most common areas to which condenser air is ducted are:
    • Into the empty space above a drop ceiling (ceiling plenum).
    • Into an attic space.
    • Out a window.
    • To an area which is not heat sensitive, such as a warehouse, equipment room, or hallway.
  3. After your MovinCool is in place and vented, plug the unit in. Depending on the capacity of your MovinCool portable air conditioner, different electrical plug configurations and voltages are required, see our MovinCool plug configuration chart for more information.
  4. Turn the unit on and enjoy the cooling relief of a MovinCool portable air conditioner by Mobile Air.

There's a reason why we selected MovinCool A/C units for use in our fleet - these models are easy to install, rugged, and readily portable. In other words, they're perfect for use as temporary or back-up air conditioners.

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