Ocean Aire Portable Air Conditioners

Ocean Aire portable air conditioners feature a diverse lineup of portable air conditioners for commercial and industrial use. With over twenty years of experience in manufacturing portable air conditioners, Ocean Aire manufactures highly-efficient, dependable machines for a diverse range of applications. Mobile Air sells and rents these quality air conditioning units.

Our Ocean Aire Models Include:

  • Water-Cooled A/C Units
  • Air-Cooled A/C Units
  • Spot Coolers

Ocean Aire portable air conditioners are excellent for use in server rooms, restaurants, offices, hospitals, and factories. Their portable design makes them ideal for quick set-up and rapid cooling when your system is down or you need supplemental air conditioning.

The experts at Mobile Air are on hand to help you determine which portable air conditioner is right for your application.

Contact us or call us at (888) 474-4340 to learn more about Ocean Aire portable air conditioners.

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