Portable Air Conditioner Applications

Portable air conditioner units are designed to be durable and versatile. Made to withstand even the harshest environments, these units provide the vital cooling needed for a wide range of applications. Mobile Air offers both rentals and sales of these high-quality portable A/C units.

Portable air conditioner applications include:

  • Equipment & Server Rooms: Rooms with heat sensitive electronics and equipment require constant air conditioning. When your server room air conditioning fails or is taken offline for maintenance, a portable unit can be quickly installed to make up for lost capacity.
  • Factories & Warehouses: Manufacturing and production industries have specific cooling needs. Large portable air conditioners are able to provide much needed cooling to prevent heat-related injuries, improve productivity and moral, and reduce processing times. Spot cooling is especially beneficial in these types of harsh environments.
  • Medical & Hospitals - Climate control is imperative to the well being of medical patients. Portable air conditioners are highly effective in maintaining appropriate temperatures in a variety of medical environments, including clinics, therapy offices, and hospitals. Whether you have an emergency or need to schedule maintenance on your cooling system, our units will protect your clients.
  • Residential Care Facilities & Apartment Communities - Eldercare, assisted living, retirement homes, apartment buildings, and dormitories require adequate air conditioning to provide safe and comfortable living conditions for residents. We have a huge selection of portable air conditioners that will ensure that heat will not affect your residents’ quality of life.

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