Condensate Removal

Air conditioners naturally dehumidify the air as they cool a room, collecting the moisture. In a server room or computer room this water must be removed from the environment in order to protect expensive electronic equipment. This process is called condensate removal. Mobile Air works with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to cool the room while keeping your equipment safe.

One of the following methods is typically used for condensate removal:

  • Condensate Tank: This method uses a 5 gallon condensate collection tank located at the bottom of the unit. The unit is equipped with an auto shut-off switch designed to turn off the unit when the tank is full to prevent overflow. After emptying and replacing the tank, the unit is turned back on.
  • Condensate Pump: A condensate pump can be installed in the unit in lieu of a tank. Tubing is run from the pump to a drain or a suitable area outside the building. The pumps have a total vertical lift capability of 20’ and can pump on a horizontal axis for virtually unlimited distances.
  • Gravity Drain: When a server room air conditioner is placed in close proximity to a floor drain or outdoors, it is possible to use gravity to drain the condensate. A tube is attached to the unit’s condensate drain nipple, which uses gravity to drain the water.

Contact us at Mobile Air and we will help you determine what type of server room air conditioner is right to ensure proper condensate removal for your application.

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