Sizing a Data Center Air Conditioner

How do you know what size air conditioner to use for your data center? We are highly experienced with data center air conditioning, leaving us qualified to develop an ideal strategy for cooling your server room. Here are three approaches we typically use for sizing a data center air conditioner.

  • Ton for Ton Replacement: Imagine that a 160 ton permanent cooling system needs to be brought off line for maintenance. A great place to start when determining the size is to replace this capacity with 160 tons of portable air conditioning. However, weather and varying cooling demands can throw off this estimate. When possible, we perform a test with our portable data center A/C unit before the permanent system is taken offline. This ensures that our portable system can adequately meet our clients cooling needs.
  • Perform a Heat Load Calculation Based on Electrical Input: We take a survey of all equipment in the space to determine the electrical power consumption in watts. Watts can then be easily converted into BTUs (British thermal units).
  • Rule of Thumb: A rule of thumb for computer room air conditioning sizing is 1 ton (12,000 Btu) of cooling capacity per 200 square feet. This method is quite accurate, and is often the fastest way to estimate cooling capacity needs. In this regard, it is rather useful for emergency situations.

Regardless of your server room's size, Mobile Air will quickly determine how much cooling capacity you need out of a data center air conditioner.

Contact us and we will determine your specific needs and deliver the cooling capacity you need.

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