What is a Server Room Air Conditioner?

Server rooms are unique environments, requiring air conditioners with specific criteria. Mobile Air has a full line of portable server room air conditioners to protect your heat sensitive equipment from damage and data loss.

What makes a server room air conditioner different?

  • Higher Sensible Cooling Capacity: General air conditioners are designed to provide comfort cooling by removing humidity and lowering the temperature of a given room. However, server rooms generally have very low levels of humidity, which calls for units of a different design. Mobile Air's server room air conditioner rentals are specifically oriented toward server room scenarios, offering greater energy efficiency and reducing the risk of unit freeze-up.
  • Floor pressurization options: Mobile Air offers floor pressurization units, which are perfect for situations where cooling is introduced under the raised floor.
  • Self-contained options: Self-contained air conditioners are great for enclosed server rooms, as there is no need to run a power cord or duct into the room. Furthermore, our air conditioning rental units offer 100% cooling capacity in lower temperature ranges than most A/C units. Given that server rooms are typically colder than the typical A/C unit environment, this is critical.
  • Mobile Air's proprietary techniques and equipment: Mobile Air leverages our superb proprietary techniques for effectively removing hot exhaust and efficiently cooling server rooms.

Mobile Air's line of portable server room air conditioners provide both cooling and dehumidification, creating the perfect operating environment for your data center. Regardless of the size of your room or the amount of equipment in the center, our rental units will exceed your expectations.

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