Spot Cooler Rentals

MovinCool spot cooler being used in operating room
Spot cooling is the process of positioning a portable air conditioning unit to deliver a cold air stream directly onto an object or area (such as a piece of equipment or a person) without cooling the entire space.

Industrial facilities are often large, open spaces that get very hot during the summer months and therefore it can be prohibitively expensive to air condition the entire space. For this reason, these locations are ideally suited for spot cooler rentals. Heat sensitive equipment, processes, and staff members can be cooled using spot cooling while keeping energy bills low.

Another example of spot cooling is in a server room application. In this usage, spot coolers are used to cool down the air intake of server equipment. By properly installing a spot cooler in front of a server rack you can give your computer gear the cooling relief it needs to properly operate.

Spot Cooler Services Offered by Mobile Air

  • Installation assistance is included with all of our spot cooler rentals.
  • Sizing a spot cooler unit is important for ensuring effective cooling.
  • Air-cooled vs. water-cooled. Some applications call for water-cooled units, while others are better suited for air-cooled models. To determine the best fit for your cooling solution, call Mobile Air now to talk to a friendly, knowledgeable cooling technician.

Spot cooler rentals are ideal for use in hospitals, offices, computer rooms, kitchens, equipment control rooms, manufacturing, and garages. In a word, spot coolers can be used anywhere to bring instant relief from heat, increase productivity, protect equipment, and provide a safer environment.

Mobile Air offers superior spot cooler rentals including 24/7 emergency service. In fact, we will be en route to your site within an hour of your call.

Contact us today to schedule a spot cooler rental.

Unit Name Image Minimum Voltage Amps Btu/hr Plug Type Evaporator CFM Compressor CFM Net Weight Dimensions
Mobile Air MAI12LA(208) 208-230v three-phase 60 144,000 Camlock 4,800 10,700 1,250 61" x 43" x 64" in
MovinCool Classic Plus 26 208-230 volt single-phase 15.6 24,000 6-20 NEMA 708/600 1680/1460 235 lbs 19 x 29 x 47 in
MovinCool Classic Plus 14 115 volt single-phase 12.3 13,200 5-15 NEMA 440/380 880/760 153 lbs 19" x 26" x 41"
MovinCool Classic 10 115 volt single-phase 10.6 10,000 5-15 NEMA 270 740 145 lbs 19" x 26" x 41"
Ocean Aire PAC1811 115 volt single-phase 15.5 18,010 5-20P NEMA 600 580 200 lbs 24 1/4 x 24 3/4 x 37 1/2 in

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