Sizing a Water-Cooled Portable Air Conditioner

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a water-cooled portable air conditioner. Mobile Air carefully examines your unique application to determine the ideal cooling solution.
Below is a list of some factors to consider when sizing a unit.

  • What is being cooled (building, machinery, or people) and what goals are we trying to achieve? Are you cooling for comfort, to cool equipment in a server room, or to keep products in a warehouse at a stable temperature?
  • What is the required cooling capacity to meet your goals?
  • Where will the portable air conditioner be placed? Inside the space that is being cooled or outside?
  • What is the ambient temperature surrounding the unit? Different units perform better or worse in different temperatures. For example, a water-cooled portable air conditioner is designed to work in hot environments such as manufacturing. Conversely, other units are better suited for general office areas or electrical equipment rooms.
  • Is negative air pressure a concern?
  • Does an air-cooled or water-cooled unit make the most sense for your application?
  • Can the existing permanent duct system be used or will the units have to blow freely in the space?
  • Are there size or space limitations where the portable air conditioner will be placed?
  • What methods of condensate removal are available?
  • What electrical power supply is available at the location?

The availability of electrical power is one of the largest deciding factors in selecting a water-cooled portable air conditioner unit. For example, let's say you have an application requiring 3 tons (36,000 BTU) of cooling. A single 3-ton unit may be the most logical choice. However, a 3 ton portable air conditioner requires a 208-230 volt, single phase 30 amp circuit. If this electrical supply is not available, the same 3 tons of cooling can be achieved using two 1.5 ton units, which operate from a standard 115 volt 20 amp wall outlet.

As you can see there are many factors to consider when sizing a water-cooled portable air conditioner. The technicians at Mobile Air will help you determine the proper solution for your need.

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