Portable Heater Rentals

Portable heater rentals are the solution to a wide variety of temperature issues. Mobile Air offers a broad range of portable heating unit rentals, so we are well-equipped to meet your unique needs. When your existing HVAC system is temporarily shut down due to planned maintenance or an unexpected failure, portable units are available to keep your building or business appropriately heated.

More Information on Our Portable Heater Rentals:

Mobile Air has the flexibility to respond to any heating issue. We service a variety of industries with safe, effective heating solutions in commercial, industrial, and office environments. In the event of an unexpected HVAC malfunction, we know that prompt service and rapid delivery is of paramount importance. That's why our dedicated technicians work tirelessly to establish an effective heating solution as soon as possible.

Mobile Air's wide variety of portable heating units means we have the tools required to heat any building, structure, or environment. Whether you're looking to warm an office, a commercial space, a construction site, or an industrial environment, Mobile Air's experienced technicians are on-hand to help.

If you need a portable heater rental as soon as possible, look no further than Mobile Air. Contact us to schedule a unit rental today.

Whether you're dealing with an unexpected HVAC breakdown or regular maintenance, Mobile Air has a portable heating solution for you. We have warehouses throughout the Midwest and the surrounding regions that are fully stocked with a wide assortment of high-quality portable heaters. Along with superb equipment, we offer excellent service paired with our extensive knowledge of temporary heating solutions.
Portable heaters are useful for a plethora of different scenarios, but are most commonly utilized in the event of routine HVAC system maintenance or unplanned breakdowns. Mobile Air stocks portable heaters of every type and size, leaving us fully equipped to provide heating in virtually any scenario.
Direct fired units are one of the most commonly used portable heaters for construction sites, as they are efficient and inexpensive. Mobile Air offers a full fleet of direct fired heaters with BTUs of 3,400,000 or more.
Indirect fired heaters are great for enclosed spaces, as the heated air is 100% free from combustion by-products. Mobile Air offers a complete line of indirect fired heaters along with rapid delivery and installation services.
Electric portable heaters are excellent for areas where combustion is prohibited or fuel is unavailable. Mobile Air's electric portable heaters offer capacities of 150,000 BTUs or more and are perfect for indoor use.
Our ground thawing systems allow you to continue working through harsh winter weather. In fact, our system dries and heats the ground at the same time, giving you a dry, thawed area ready for construction. Mobile Air's equipment and staff is ready to assist with your next construction project.
Salamander heaters are unsafe and cause quality control issues. As such, Mobile Air does not rent or sell these units. We help our clients find safer and more effective units for their application.
Construction site heaters allow you to save time and money by keeping a project on track. Mobile Air's construction site heaters provide even heating across the site, keeping workers productive and equipment running smoothly.
Portable steam heaters allow you to take advantage of nearby steam or hot water. Mobile Air's steam heaters are capable of 1,500,000 BTUs or more and are perfect for indoor use. In a word, these units allow you to cut costs by converting steam into dry heat.
Make-up air is a highly-effective method of controlling moisture levels in your structure, protecting your assets from the damaging effects of mold and mildew. Furthermore, Mobile Air's make-up air approach is 15% more energy-efficient than the traditional recirculation method.
Mobile Air's hidden flame heaters offer safety and efficiency benefits in equal measure. Enclosed flames and outdoor fuel hoses reduce the risk of fire or fuel leakage, while tamper-proof sensors and programmable controls help lower expenses.

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