Documented Safe Heat Program

At any construction or job site, safety is always our absolute #1 priority. At the request of many of our portable heater clients, Mobile Air has developed a written safety program for temporary construction heat.

We now share this safety plan with all of our customers. Do you currently have a job specific documented construction heat safety plan that can be shared with co-workers, owners or governmental agencies if and when it is needed? If not, we strongly recommend using one.

Documented Safe Heat Program

  • Certification of Equipment: Document stating that all heating equipment on site meets or exceeds recognized standards such as ANSI, UL, CSA etc.
  • Documented Preventative Maintenance Safety Checks: Verification that all heater safety features were checked and calibrated by a trained technician.
  • Delivery & Install Plan: Document containing a job site analysis of potential dangers and hazards regarding the delivery, placement, and installation of heaters. Also included is a written plan for mitigating hazards and proceeding in a safe manner.
  • Safety Start-Up: Fuel leak pressure tests, burner calibration, electrical power, heater placement, and air quality are all documented to verify safe installation and operation.
  • Tool Box Safety Talk: Heater safety features and emergency procedures are reviewed. A signed attendance sheet along with a list of the topics that were covered are added to the program.
  • Service: Any additional on-site work (planned or unplanned) is documented. If a heater is relocated as a part of the construction process a new safety start-up for that heater will be performed.

Visit our contact page or call Mobile Air at 888-474-4340 to learn how our Documented Safe Heat Program can make your site safer.

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