Mobile Air Remote Monitoring System (RT-RM)

Mobile Air Remote Monitoring System

Remote monitoring systems are incredibly valuable for ensuring that temperature and humidity levels remain stable at a particular location. The Mobile Air Remote Monitoring System (RT-RM) performs humidity and temperature snapshots every 15-minutes. These readings are saved in the cloud, constructing a comprehensive record of the indoor environment of your building. Moreover, the system creates a graphical chart and spreadsheet for close analysis of temperature and humidity conditions inside your building.

Benefits of Our Remote Monitoring System

  • Keep your job on track: Use written documentation to verify that conditions are suitable for work for sub-contractors.
  • Warranty verification: With a hard copy of your past temperature and humidity conditions, you can verify correct product storage and other conditions. This mitigates your exposure to future claims.
  • Early warning: Our remote monitoring system allows you to define parameters for temperature and humidity conditions. You can then elect to receive immediate notifications if these conditions rise or fall past these parameters. Your job site and Mobile Air will receive text/email notifications and calls, so that we can identify and correct any issues immediately.

Our remote monitoring system allows us to ensure that temperature and humidity is carefully controlled at our clients' locations. In utilizing this tool, we help our clients save money and time by keeping their project on track and protecting their property from moisture. Mobile Air is your source for superior heating solutions and remote monitoring systems.

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