Ground Thawing

ground thawing heaterGround thawing allows you to continue construction through the harshest of winters. Through our tarping system and thaw drying heaters, Mobile Air helps you to place a bubble of 125 to 150 ºF heat at less than 10% relative humidity air over a virtually limitless area to quickly thaw and dry the ground.

Benefits of Mobile Air Ground Thawing:

  • Save time by working with the elements rather than waiting for favorable conditions.
  • Save money by avoiding costly delays.
  • As our system dries and thaws the ground simultaneously, you can avoid a muddy work area and be ready for construction.
  • Mobile Air's ground thawing system is far less labor intensive then other solutions.
  • Our ground thawing system can both thaw and dry in half the time compared to a traditional hot water hose system.
  • There is virtually no limit to the amount of land that can be thawed at once with the Mobile Air system.

Cold weather is inconvenient, but it shouldn't stop your construction project. Mobile Air has provided ground thawing services to a large number of construction sites, cutting costs and project times for countless companies. Our equipment and staff is ready to assist with your construction project.

Mobile Air is here to help, call us at (888) 474-4340 or contact us to discuss a solution to your ground thawing needs.

Heater Products

Unit Name Image Voltage Amps Btu/hr CFM Fuel Gas Connections Dimensions
Indirect Fired VG400 120 volt single-phase 20 400,000 2100 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane 3/4" FNPT 60 x 24 x 45 in
Indirect Fired VG1000 195 volt single-phase 30 1,000,000 Input / 800,000 Output 4075 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane 1-1/4" NPT 120 x 31.5 x 54 in
Indirect Fired OHV500 105 volt single-phase 20 450,000 Input / 360,000 Output 3200 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane 3/4" FNPT 60 x 24 x 49 in

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