Make-Up Air

Moisture control is a huge advantage of our make-up air, dry-heat solutions. Compared to traditional recirculation methods, our make-up approach is more energy efficient and more effectively dries the building. Mobile Air ensures that our portable heater rentals control humidity and provide clean air.

We configure our make-up air heaters to continuously draw in cool, dry outside air. This air is heated and forced into the building as hot, dry air that leaches the moisture out of concrete, drywall, paint, and other finish construction materials. The resulting moisture-laden air is then forced out of the building through natural gaps in the building envelope. This process, called exfiltration, is facilitated by the positive internal building pressure created by the specially designed fans in our heaters.

Below is a detailed explanation of how our make-up air and dry heat process works.

How Dry Heat Works

  1. Clean make-up air is mechanically introduced into the building through the heater. The volume of air is designed and controlled by the heater in direct relationship to the building temperature requirements.
  2. Hot air rises and collects at the upper level of the structure.
  3. The risen hot air leaves the structure. (The higher energy warm air seeking equilibrium with the lower energy colder outside air leaves the structure).
  4. The warm air which escapes from the upper levels of the structure is replaced by air being mechanically controlled through the dry-heat heater system.
  5. Moisture created from by-products of the heater combustion process is flushed over time through mechanical controlled air exchanges.
  6. The tighter the building envelope becomes, the less the heaters need to help and provide heat output. Energy savings become more pronounced from this point forward.
  7. Humidity levels on average stabilize at 35% - 45% RH, far below the ASHRAE and SMACNA humidity threshold of 60% RH.
  8. Dry-heat design provides a clean IAQ environment with planned flush out and a lower humidity, controlled environment for building materials. Materials that benefit from such an environment include concrete, drywall, block, and wood.
  9. The building achieves a heat sync and all parts of the building including the steel, concrete, slab, studs, drywall, tool boxes, etc. are at roughly the same desired temperature.
  10. Fuel savings increase as the building achieves heat sync. The heaters monitor the inside building temperature, run lower outputs, and even ‘off-cycle’ while maintaining building temperature. This creates fuel savings for construction heat of 10% - 15% vs. the old recirculating design model.

In brief, our make-up air heating methods effectively dry your location and save costs on energy. Used to alleviate negative pressure situations in buildings and providing heat and drying, a make-up air unit from Mobile Air can solve your temporary heating needs.

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Heater Products

Unit Name Image Voltage Amps Btu/hr CFM Fuel Gas Connections Dimensions
Indirect Fired VG400 120 volt single-phase 20 400,000 2100 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane 3/4" FNPT 60 x 24 x 45 in
Indirect Fired VG1000 195 volt single-phase 30 1,000,000 Input / 800,000 Output 4075 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane 1-1/4" NPT 120 x 31.5 x 54 in
Indirect Fired OHV500 105 volt single-phase 20 450,000 Input / 360,000 Output 3200 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane 3/4" FNPT 60 x 24 x 49 in
Direct Fired S405 105 volt single-phase 15 400,000 2,000 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane 3/4" NPT 45" x 17" x 22"
Direct Fired S2000 105 volt single-phase 20 1,000,000 4,200 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane, Liquid Propane 1.0" NPT 62 x 26 x 30 in
Direct Fired S1505 105 volt single-phase 20 1,500,000 high fire 850,000 low fire 7,000 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane 1-1/4" NPT 69 x 31 x 37 in
Direct Fired Make-Up Unit 3050 208-230 volt single-phase, 208-230 volt three-phase, 460 vol 30 single-phase / 15 three-phase 4,000,000 high fire / 1,200,00 low fire 16,000 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane, Liquid Propane 3/4" NPT 73 x 41 x 44 in
Direct Fired 2730 208-230 volt single-phase, 208-320 volt three-phase, 460 vol 30 single-phase / 15 three-phase 2,000,000 high fire / 500,000 low fire 12,500 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane, Liquid Propane 3/4" NPT 72 x 32 x 46 in
Direct Fired 1800 105 volt single-phase 20 750,000 4,200 Natural Gas, Vapor Propane, Liquid Propane 1.0" NPT 62 x 26 x 30 in

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