Steam Heater Shutdown

Proper steam heater shutdown is important for the safe operation of your system. Mobile Air offers full installation and shutdown services for our heater rentals, allowing you to focus on running your business. We make the entire rental process as easy as possible.

Steam Heater Shutdown Steps

  1. Dial down the thermostat so the fan is turned off.
  2. Make sure the main power supply is turned off at its source before disconnecting the power wiring to the heater.
  3. Turn off the main steam supply to the heater.
  4. Slowly close the ball valve supplying steam to the heater.
  5. Close the ball valve after the steam trap.
  6. Open the steam trap blow-down valve.
    Caution: If significant flashing occurs when draining to the floor, close the valve and wait for the condensate to cool.
  7. After the supply line has cooled, disconnect the steam supply connecting the heater.
  8. After the line has cooled, disconnect the condensate return piping from the facility’s return system.
  9. After the line has cooled, disconnect the condensate hose.

Mobile Air will help you safely shut down your steam heater system. Contact us or call Mobile Air at (888) 474-4340.

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